Venatto, latest porcelain generation that stands out for its excellent quality and for the revolutionary extrusion manufacturing process, which gives it the highest grade of hardness on the market and unbeatable technical and aesthetic characteristics that make our porcelain floors unique.


The polished finish is the essence of Venatto. A natural product full body manufactured by the extrusion process and without any glazes that is subsequently polished and rectified.


Surfaces that awaken a range of sensations in finishes of soft textures, thin textures, light grooves and faint pixelated


Nature becomes art by applying the latest technology by extrusion. This is how Arttek porcelain tiles came about, an alternative to natural wood without felling a single tree.

Technology by extrusion

Available in a wide range of finishes and textures made with the highest levels of quality that ensure its resistance over time.

A natural product full body manufactured in order to be later polished and rectified, gaining unique and original pieces that imitate natural stone with stunning realism.

Porcelain composed of homogeneous material in all its mass (the veins, therefore, cross all its thickness). Each piece is unique and the veins are the result of the multiple combinations of the raw materials, its surface can be worked to achieve different finishes and polishes.

We refer to a material recommended for high transit areas exposed to great wear and tear and subjected to the sudden changes in outside temperatures that can be seen in unique architectural projects all over the world.

Its great resistance to chemical agents and its ease of cleaning make it the ideal material for covering the surfaces of spaces where hygiene is essential.

Its excellent aesthetic qualities can be added to this thanks to the perfection dimensional reached and planimetry of its pieces.

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