Today it is still a fundamental element of any building.
The emergence of new materials and new construction techniques offers new opportunities for
staircase, in addition to enabling vertical circulation, assume the prominence of the space.



A classic finish with soft veins that run through the entire thickness of the piece thanks to an extrusion production process that is unique in the world.



The touch is given new life with exclusive designs of subtle granular effects, elegant textures, light striations or avant-garde pixel effects.



Nobility and good taste are the essence of a collection that combines a passion for art with the latest technology in the ceramic industry.

Finishing steps

Venatto offers the widest range of steps in a variety of sizes and designs.

The step is one of Venatto’s most exclusive pieces. The family of steps continues to expand with models in the Straight, Romo, Grosso, Grosso with blunt edge, Grosso with straight edge, Grosso Gradone and Grosso with left-right edge, available in anti-slip grooved design on all models.

Blunt Step

Romo stair tread

Straight Step

Straight stair tread

Grosso rung

Grosso stair tread

Manipulated Step

Manipulated stair tread

ANTISLIP treads and ANTISLIP grooving

The anti-slip finish is particularly suitable for exteriors because of its high resistance to slipping. It passes the tests of the UNE ENV 12633:2003, Class 3 (Rd >45) required by the CTE, achieving sliding coefficients higher than Rd 55. A product with the R 11 classification according to DIN 51130 and Class C according to DIN 51097.